Washington Fruit Cherries

There are more than 1,000 varieties of cherries in the United States, but fewer than 10 are produced commercially. Seventy percent of the cherries (both sweet and tart) produced in the United States come from four states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah).

Variety Description Flavor/Texture Availability
Dark Sweet Dark Sweet The leading commercial sweet cherry in North America. Fruit is firm, juicy and a deep mahogany red when ripe. Exceptionally large fruit of the finest quality with an intensely sweet, vibrant flavor. Intensely sweet and vibrant flavor. Mid June through early August
Rainier Rainier A very attractive, exceptionally large, yellow cherry with a bright red blush. Rainier has a distinctive and superior appearance among sweet cherry varieties. A premium niche variety that ripens after Bing. Delicately flavored with extraordinary sugar levels, the flesh is pure yellow, very firm and finely textured. Mid June through July