Washington Fruit maintains state-of-the-art packing and storage facilities. Considering the perishable nature of fresh fruit, it is imperative that we utilize the most effective technology possible to handle our products. Our packing, storage and shipping managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the fruit handling process with the goal of delivering better quality to the customer every day.

Washington Fruit and Produce packs all of its fruit in Yakima and maintains controlled atmosphere storage facilities in numerous locations around the area. Underwood Fruit & Warehouse packs and stores all of their fruit at the Bingen, WA facility. Additionally, Hansen Fruit packs, stores and ships fruit in their Yakima facilities. Efficient shipping and receiving facilities are also situated at each location.

Underwood Fruit completed a new state of the art cherry packing line in 2009. In 2010, Washington Fruit completed construction of the River Road facility. This new 220,000 sq.ft. storage, packing, and loading facility in Yakima incorporates state of the art food safety techniques, traceability systems, and sorting and packing technology (see River Road Facility and River Road Videos for more information).