River Road Videos

Learn more about our latest processing facilities by watching the videos below.

River Road Cherry Packing Facility (First Season)

Washington Fruit & Produce Co. is a family owned business that has been delivering fresh produce since 1916. Fresh apples, pears, and cherries are grown, packed, and shipped worldwide by Washington Fruit.

River Road Cherry Packing Facility

River Road Apple Packing Facility

With consistency in mind, and food safety as a goal, a new apple processing facility has been built on River Road, in Yakima, WA. The River Road Facility and Washington Fruit’s standards are highlighted in this video.

Hytrol Conveyors

In order to maintain Washington Fruit’s high quality standards, smooth conveyance of packed produce is crucial. The new food processing facility at River Road uses Hytrol Conveyors with a smart system of barcode readers, diverts, and photo eyes to separate boxes by grade, color, size, and many other attributes. Mikey Hanks, System Operator for Washington Fruit, explains how the new plant relies on the conveyor system to maximize efficiency.

N2N Global Partnership

Washington Fruit and N2N Global have been partners for over 20 years. N2N Global created the software that is the backbone to Washington Fruit’s continually growing business. In order to take produce traceability to the next level, Washington Fruit and N2N Global developed a custom software package that maintains supply chain traceability down to the box level. Angela Paymard, Chairwoman from N2N Global, and Bryan Mains, Washington Fruit Controller, discuss the relationship behind the successful deployment of this ground breaking food traceability program.

Compac Partnership

In 2010 Washington Fruit implemented a defect sorting system from Compac in our new apple packing plant at River Road. This system allows for a more consistent grade of apple which in turn allows us to produce a better product for our customers. Our desire to produce a better product is enhanced with Compac's focus on creating more efficient apple packing technologies.