Warehouse Feildman

Job Description:     

A Fieldman acts as the liaison between outside growers and Washington Fruit & Produce Co. (WFP).  It is expected they maintain regular communication between growers, company management, and warehouse operations.  As a Fieldman, one should manage relationships with existing growers, ensure fruit is grown to WFP standards, and coordinate harvest timing/logistics, all while pursuing new growers and seeking opportunities to handle additional fruit.



  • Behave as the primary contact between WFP and the grower.
  • Ensure fruit is grown, harvested, and received according to WFP standards.
  • During harvest, perform quality control (QC) field sampling to ensure condition of fruit meets WFP Controlled Atmosphere (CA) Storage criteria (see chart below).
  • Assist Warehouse and Sales with the coordination of early pool eligibility. Ensure entry into early pools is reasonable and split between outside growers and WFP captive tonnage.
  • Provide WFP with reliable annual estimates in regard to the expected volume of a grower’s apple and/or cherry crop.
  • Inform Sales and Warehouse of grower harvest schedules and quantities to be received. Update harvest flow calendars daily to best reflect picking schedules, no less than 4 days in advance.  Provide Warehouse and Sales accurate and up-to-date crop/harvest data.
  • Communicate relevant information from WFP to grower in a timely manner.
  • Keep a daily field journal composed of tasks performed, growers visited, insights of their crop, or other pertinent information that is useful for WFP.
  • Attended weekly Field Staff Lunches (Tuesdays), followed by the Fieldmen meeting. Provide field journal notes for the week and give updates on all assigned growers.
  • Obtain WFP required documentation from a grower: Organic certifications, food safety certifications and audit reports, documents needed for export, and any other necessary forms WFP needs to handle outside fruit.
  • After harvest, perform routine QC in warehouse to aid packing decisions on what CA rooms should to be opened and what apples should be packed next.
  • Advise grower on horticultural decision making: Pruning, training, thinning, harvest procedures, CA allocation, etc.
  • Assist grower with securing reliable hauling/trucking for their fruit. (WFP does not provide hauling).
  • Coordinate the distribution of empty bins from warehouse to grower farms, confirming quantities taken adhere to WFP preseason bin retrieval protocols.
  • Maintain regular communication with other Fieldmen so growers are provided uniform direction from WFP.
  • Hold a clean driving record with no more than two infractions within a three year period.
  • Attend tree fruit industry conferences and educational seminars.


Decision Making:

  • Harvest timing for cherries: Assess color of cherries and advise grower on when to pick.  Monitor brix levels, size profiles, and fruit condition.
  • Harvest timing for apples: Assess color and maturity of apples (starch testing).  Advise grower on when to pick and the placement of their fruit into CA storage.
  • Reject fruit in the field if it does not meet WFP standards: Mildew on cherries, poor maturity/fruit condition, etc.
  • Manage personal schedule so that all grower’s and WFP’s needs are met.



Education/Equipment/Technology/Physical Skills:

  • (Preferred) Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5 years + experience in tree fruit and horticulture.
  • Must have excellent time management skills.
  • Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Google sheets.
  • Able to operate a penetrometer (pressure testing), refractometer (brix testing), scale, and starch test apples.
  • Have a general understanding of industry technology and agricultural equipment.
  • Able to and willing to drive long distances or sit in a truck for long periods.
  • Able to work outside in harsh weather conditions and walk on uneven/unstable ground.