All Packed Up & Ready to Go

Our state-of-the-art packing facilities are second to none. Technologically advanced and efficient, gentle handling equipment is combined with the latest fruit grading technology to eliminate the need for hand sorting. Computerized imaging allows for precise decisions on the color, shape, size, defects and internal qualities of the fruit. Consistently sorted into uniform packaging, proper grading for each box is achieved, maximizing the benefit for all.

Flexible Packaging Options

We understand that not every market is the same. Because of this, we’ve designed our packing lines with the flexibility to handle a variety of different package configurations from our bags to our trays. We are able to handle poly, pouch and mesh bags, as well as pulp, foam and cell pack configurations in cartons. We can also loose-pack bulk bins with gentle fill machines to meet the needs of the customer.

Delivering Fresh Produce

Fruit is a delicate commodity, and we make sure our packaging assures delivery without issues. We boast one of the sturdiest case designs in the market, ensuring that the fruit inside won’t be harmed during transit. Our cartons are also vented to allow air to flow through the produce, so they can maintain freshness for longer.